At our London Studio we use the finest Swiss lace for the perfect blend. Our medium brown lace is perfect for most brown skinned women of colour. Transparent lace is ideal for lighter or white skin tones.
We also customise each hairline for a more natural look. Below are a few videos showing some of our clients in our full lace wigs.
Our skilled consultants have fitted our hand made lace wigs and lace frontals on a wide client base including Black, White, Asian and Mixed heritage backgrounds. We offer fittings using our signature glueless method.
(Glue and Sewin options are available if required)
All units shown in the below videos were fitted using our glueless method. Before shipping, we customised an additional elastic band in the cap to enable the hairline at the top of the wigs to sit flat without the need for any adhesive.
Great solution if you require fitting without glue or tape or sewin.

Watch our video on How to Cut the Lace:

How to put your glueless lace lace wig on:




How to wash Your Lace Wig: