Lace Wig Cap Construction

Please note our 13x6 frontal units only have lace from ear to ear and 6 inches deep into the cap. The rest of the unit are made from wefts at the back of the unit.
Our 13 x 6 glueless frontal wigs are still very versatile with our signature realistic hairline, baby hairs, bleached knots and free parting anywhere you like at the front and sides.

Whereas, our full lace units is complete lace with stretch lace in the middle. All of our full lace wig units are versatile meaning that you are able to wear the unit up in a ponytail or a bun as well as braid the unit. Our units are also freestyle ventilated, meaning that the unit can be combed/parted in any direction as well as braided. Our units may appear with a centre or side part when styled for photography but the part is not permanent.


Watch our video to see the difference here, please skip to 9 minutes:




We use only top quality 100% real Swiss or French lace in the construction of our full lace wig caps. Our caps are crafted to maximise breathable airspace so they are very light and comfortable to wear. The full lace cap provides proper ventilation while worn which is very important as this eliminates heat and moisture build-up. We offer the following full lace caps:

Cap Design

There are many ways to construct a lace wig. Your choice will really depend on your needs and preferences. More experienced users usually have a good idea of what they like and don't like and can get more specific about their choices. However, most can pick from our standard choices which we list as "most popular".