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A letter from the founder 

From My Heart to Your Hair: The A-List Lace Hair Journey 🌟

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When I think about my life journey, the one word that springs to mind is 'serendipity'. I'd like to share with you the tapestry of experiences that led to the birth of A-List Lace Hair.

Born and raised on a council estate in West London, I've always been surrounded by a rich diversity of dreams and aspirations. And among them was my own – a love for hair that began when I was just 8 years old. Many a day was spent transforming the tresses of friends and family from my little box bedroom. Little did they know they were my first clientele!

You see, being of African heritage, there were expectations. My parents dreamt of their daughter becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or engineer. And as a dutiful daughter, I followed suit, immersing myself in the world of numbers, graduating with Honours in Accounting and Finance. But deep down, I knew a traditional office setting wasn't my destiny. There was a fire in me – one that loved not just the art of hairstyling, but the art of storytelling, which I pursued through acting.

A twist of fate landed me a cherished role on a national television series during my university years. This exposure introduced me to the hidden gem of lace wigs. These were our secret weapons on set, ensuring continuity in our looks. These weren't the Instagrammable accessories they are now, but I saw their potential.

But then, life threw me a curveball in 2008. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, with a prognosis of possibly being wheelchair-bound within a year, made me rethink my priorities. A fierce determination took over. I wanted to be independent, to provide not just for myself but for others. Recognizing the potential in the lace wig industry, I started humbly, selling wigs from the boot of my car, going from door to door, transforming lives one hairstyle at a time.

Fast forward to today, and I'm blessed. Blessed to have met thousands of incredible souls, to have been trusted with the hair of icons like Naomi Campbell and Serena Williams, to have built A-List Lace Hair from scratch, to have overcome health battles, and to be a mother of three beautiful children. And in 2019, after losing all my hair following a bone marrow transplant, I found myself in the shoes of many of our clients, understanding firsthand the challenges of hair loss.

Above all, my faith has been my guiding star. Every success, every obstacle overcome, I owe it all to my lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

So, when you choose A-List Lace Hair, know that you're not just getting a wig. You're getting a piece of my heart, my journey, and my passion. I'm deeply grateful to you for being a part of this story and entrusting us with something as intimate as your hair.

Here's to you, to us, and to the many hair adventures we'll embark on together.

With heartfelt gratitude and love,

Antonia Okonma Shittu
Founder, A-List Lace Hair


Our Story 

Welcome to the A-List Lace Hair Family - Where Your Hair Dreams Come True ✨

Allow us to take you on a journey – one that began in the heart of London in 2008. Picture the bustling streets of Kensington, and nestled among the town's timeless elegance is a studio that opened its doors in 2009. A place where passion meets craftsmanship, and where every woman is made to feel like the queen she truly is. This is the tale of A-List Lace Hair.

💫 A Legacy of Excellence
When we started out, we had one mission in mind: to bring affordable luxury to every woman, without compromising on quality. We realized that true luxury isn't just about extravagance, but about providing an impeccable, personal experience, especially when it concerns something as intimate and empowering as hair.

💫 Quality Beyond Compare
Over the years, we've become synonymous with premium human hair wigs that boast the most natural and realistic hairlines. Every strand tells a story of meticulous selection and dedication, ensuring that you receive nothing but the finest.

💫 For Every Woman
Our lace is the canvas upon which stories of countless women are told. Whether it's a strong woman regaining her confidence after battling hair loss, or a fashion-forward diva looking to experiment with a bold new look, A-List Lace Hair has been the silent partner behind countless transformations. Your hair, your story.

💫 The Global Stage
From the sparkling runways of fashion weeks around the world to the glamorous shots of television and film campaigns, our creations have graced the heads of icons. Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, Doja Cat, Mabel, Eve, Stefflondon, Tems – the list goes on. But it's not just about the celebrities; every woman who chooses A-List Lace Hair becomes a part of our star-studded legacy.

💫 At Your Service
Our commitment goes beyond just providing you with exquisite wigs. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused, ensuring that from your first click to the moment you flaunt your new look, your journey with us is seamless, personal, and memorable.

Thank you for choosing A-List Lace Hair. We're not just a brand; we're a community, a legacy, and a testament to the transformative power of great hair. Welcome to our family. Let's make some magic together.

Stay fabulous,

The A-List Lace Hair Team 💖

P.S. Remember, hair is more than just an accessory. It's a reflection of our spirit, our journey, and our strength. Embrace it, cherish it, and always wear it with pride. 🌹