How to Cut the Lace on your Wig

Cutting the lace can be daunting, but it doesn't need to be because its as simple as cutting a piece of paper!

If you prefer, we can cut the lace on your wig for you before shipping at no extra charge. Simply request for the lace to be cut and the baby hairs to be styled in the notes at the checkout and we will happily do this for you.

Please note once the lace has been cut, we can not exchange or refund the wig. So we don't recommend pre-cutting the lace unless you are confident you will not be exchanging the wig for a different length, colour or size.


To cut the lace on a lace frontal wig and full lace wig, follow these steps:

1. While seated, place your wig in front of you on a table or on your lap... 

Tip: Its much easier to cut the lace of your wig with it in front of you, as opposed to cutting the lace when the wig is on your head or a mannequin head. Our wigs are already pre-plucked with a natural hairline. 


2. Carefully trim the excess lace in a zig zag motion 1-2cm away around hairline with a pair of sharp scissors.  

Tip: It's always best to have excess lace still left on rather than trimming too much and cutting into the hairline. You can always trim away any visible lace once you put the wig on.


3. Once the lace is cut, gently remove any remaining bits of lace.

4. Style the wig as desired.

It is important to be gentle and precise when cutting the lace, as you don't want to damage the wig. 

Watch our video below of how to cut the lace