Lace Wig Natural Hairline

Hairline Type

We make all unit hairlines standard without a widow's peak. A widow's peak hairline is V-shaped in the middle of the hairline. Customers should understand that it is difficult to perfectly match all the irregularities of one's hairline without a template. Our hairlines are made to a standard natural looking shape and are not the harsh-edged horseshoe caps you would find in your local beauty supply store.

Full Lace Wigs with Natural Hairlines & Natural Parts

All of our full lace wigs have a natural hair and natural part that are flawless when you attach your full lace wig. Our most popular cap style is the Full Lace Cap with a Stretch. 

The undetectable lace that we use allows your unit to have natural look and incredible flawless hairline.  All of our full lace wigs freestyle meaning that the hair is free flowing and can be parted anywhere and put up into a ponytail or bun. 

The individual strands of 100% Human Hair are hand-tied into the lace by our skilled hair professionals. Each hair is double knotted and bleached (optional) to give a more natural appearance at the root of the hair.  These techniques put together create a gorgeous unit with an invisible, flawless, and undetectable hairline.

Hair Part

All units are made with "free-style" parting unless otherwise specified. You can part the hair anywhere on the cap and style the hair as desired. Almost all of our pictured wigs have free-style parting.

Can I wear the hair in high ponytails and up dos?  

Yes, the full lace wig allows you to wear up dos and high ponytails.